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The Zibra story

In January of 2004, Michael Sherman, reached out to several of his long-standing business colleagues with the goal of creating a uniquely run company, which would design and develop products from a customer’s perspective. His idea became a reality and the company launched its first platform of products within the painting industry one year later. The objective wasn’t to compete by making a “better” product but a “new kind” of product, truly solving consumer problems.  The company became known as Zibra (pronounced zee-bra) named by combining the first names of Michael’s two daughters.

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Sherman never limits his team, known as The Crew, when brainstorming new product designs. The first question The Crew explores: is there a solution that already exists to this problem or has this problem truly never been solved? That’s why you see painting applicators, package openers and shopping carts all under the Zibra brand. Products that make life easier!

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The Zibra Crew's guiding light is their customers and the communities they are a part of. We aim to inspire through each product we design, whether we are inspiring a community of followers or a single user. We promise to continue to immerse ourselves in your communities, listen to your ideas, and promote your small businesses.

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Another success of Zibra is having the best community! from Instagram to their featured artists, blog posts and of course their very popular podcast.
  This is the Zibra Blog’s Before and After Podcast where we talk with furniture refinishing experts from around the world on how they find, select, repair, strip, sand, paint, protect and sell their refinished works of art.

The ZibraBlog's Before and After Podcast


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Zibra has a great following over on their Instagram account and features furniture artists from around the world every week!

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Make sure you tag your pieces and your stories with #zibraweeklypick as they choose great pieces to feature each day!

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There is so much over on their website including Contest and collaborations crafting .. something for everyone!